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GG’s is proud to serve fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws! Stone crabs are our most popular seafood delicacy and we serve the claws in the traditional style– chilled and served with our house-made Dijon mustard dipping sauce! Your GG’s stone crab claws are available in various sizes depending on the days catch and your appetite… enjoy Medium, Large and Extra Large claws! Our seafood counter has stone crabs on display, or just ask your server to show you a sample.

There’s nothing that beats the sweet flavor of a real Florida Stone Crab claw at GG's! Have stone crabs as an appetizer or enjoy them as a meal, and then order some to take home! We crack the claws for you in the kitchen to make it easier to enjoy this true Florida treat!

For those of you not from the local area, stone crab claws are harvested from the crab where upon it is then returned to the reef or jetty area where it will grow a new claw. Stone crabs naturally lose their limbs easily in order to allow them to escape from predators or tight spaces! In fact, the new claw will grow back larger than the original.

We obtain our stone crab claws direct from the fishing fleets and fishmongers that harvest these delicious crabs during the stone crab season which runs from October 16-May 15. That’s the only time we serve them--- when they are fresh! Only top grade claws are good enough for you, our guest! GG’s never serves frozen claws.


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